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Join FOLA to be part of a nation-wide network to support libraries and library use in your community and throughout Australia.

Benefits of membership.

What you get when you become a member of FOLA - Regular FOLA NewsUpdate magazine

You can become a member of FOLA by filling out the membership form and posting it back to FOLA with your annual fee. The membership form can also be found on the back page of each FOLA NewsUpdate magazine.

FOLA Success through Membership

As the second such organization in the world with the unique responsibility of cultivating the growth of Friends of Library groups, our challenge is considerable.

We can only achieve our success with your support and help.

The culmination of FOLA's work resides in the substantial and inspired contribution of its members around Australia and elsewhere.

Become a member of a worldwide body of Friends who support the important role that libraries perform in our community and our nation.

It is also FOLA's Charter to bring forward to government the important role libraries make to our nation's culture and capital.

No one has a stronger voice for libraries than those who use them, contribute via our taxes to them, and elect representatives to govern them. By uniting these voices, library supporters everywhere will become a real force to be reckoned with at the local, state, and national levels.

In considering membership, you make a vital contribution to the work of Friends of Libraries Australia. Thank you.

Daniel Ferguson
Executive Director

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