Sharing Good Ideas #2

Good Idea #2: Where does the money go?

One of the Friends' roles is to raise funds to support the Library. We do this through book sales, raffles, wine offers and admission to FOLS sponsored talks and events.

But how are the funds allocated? What programmes does it support?

In allocating funds to particular projects, and in determining when funds should be made over, the Friends' Committee is guided by the advice of Dee O'Loughlin, Library Manager. Members may be interested in the following paragraph from the Annual Report for the year to 31 May 2011:

'Over the 12 months to 31 May 2011 the Friends donated $10,000 for the following projects: sponsorship of the Meet Me in the Library photographic competition, organised by the Library's Kelly Morris ($500); Kindles, the first e-readers the Library has purchased, and magazines ($2,500); Story Time for Children ($1,000); DVD purchases ($500); Lego and chess programmes ($1,000); the summer reading programme ($3,000); the Library's 30th anniversary celebrations ($500); and the Ian Robinson collection ($1,000, being donations made to the Friends in Ian's memory).'

This was in many ways a typical year. The $10,000 donated in 2010-2011 was in the same league as the $9,250 donated in 2008-2009 and, as in the past, it was tied to specific events, programmes and purchases. In 2008-2009 we felt it appropriate to include in our disbursements $500 to the Friends of the Library, Woodside, our companion organisation, as the Woodside Library was being rebuilt at the time. In 2009-2010 the Friends made $29,805 over to the Library, a much larger sum than normal as it included more than $18,000 paid to Council to half fund the solar array on the Coventry Library's roof, a community project the Committee supported.

Since the Friends' new financial year began on 1 June 2011 the Committee has funded the purchase of large screens for hanging art work, again on the recommendation of the Library Manager, a decision which reflects the expanded role of the Coventry Library as a community hub and centre for Stirling. We look forward to funding more projects over the year ahead.

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